Arduino RoboKids Doha first class

On Thursday, April 10th we had our first meet up discussing Arduinos
the slides for the presentaion can be found at this url: /arduino Film cineblog01 streaming online gratis  
hangsen from vape daily

Next meet up is this coming Thursday, April 17th.
Hopfully the arduino kits would have arrived so we can start cracking :)


Time Flies by so quickly … according to my Decimal birth day I am 26 years old now.

Lee Fields, music for the coding mood

Combine This with some fine coffee or authentic arabic tea, great things shall happen.


Yes I am 24 years old now :)

TRW Assignment 2

Dear Students,

The Aim of this assignment is to make your probably first attempt in writing your first CV as well as a cover letter that is a tailored around a certain job offer.

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